InclusionMD, Inc.

About Our Company

InclusionMD is a medical product and device distributor in Michigan. We partner with industry leading medical manufacturers to help deliver cutting-edge treatment modalities to health professionals and their patients. We offer Biomaterials, spinal devices, custom surgery kits and other products and ancillary services to clinics and health systems. Our services ultimately enable us to extend state-of-the-art treatment options to the greatest number of patients.


To help extend the quantity and quality of life.



Accessible patient centered care.


We do the right thing.


We aim to understand.


Teach and help others grow.

A Culture Committed to Learning

Our culture is rooted in learning. Medicine is constantly changing, but through collaboration and innovation, we can collectively help patients and communities overcome challenges in healthcare. InclusionMD embraces a diverse and inclusive framework that goes far-beyond an Integrated Model of Medicine. Our goal is to help promote the vitality of healthcare societies by encouraging an atmosphere that promotes patient-centered care and provides a psychophysical and psychosocial balance. Our culture is structured upon a system of shared accountability, an open learning environment and a just system that strives for equity and embraces, respects, and values differences. In this context, inclusion helps strengthen our profession, enhances clinical outcomes and increases healthcare accessibility and efficiency. InclusionMD was founded upon this paradigm as it is the stepping-stone for a sustainable social balance for current & future healthcare societies.