Dr.Jomaa-Rteil, MD

1.) What are the top 3 healthcare challenges that impact patient quality and quantity of life the most in your field or specialty:

Prevention & Patient-Centered Care

Patient Access to Healthcare

Patient Compliance 

2.) Briefly explain your #1 choice above with reference(s) to your professional experiences.

“As a health care professional in Detroit, I am extremely privileged and humbled to witness the obstacles our patients overcome to get healthcare. It is crucial to involve them in every medical decision and understand why adherence to appointments and medication is difficult. It is usually related to transportation, cost of medication, lack of patient education about medical condition. We are fortunate to have wonderful case managers and social workers and nurses that help assist the physicians to ensure that the patients as a whole are taken care of!”

3.) What advice would you offer students pursuing a future career in your field or specialty?

“Practice patient-centered care every single day. You are in this field for the patients. You went through the medical training, but they are going through their life and it is very important to understand, recognize and appreciate that. Also a health care team is just that: a team. It is not a one’s man show, and asking for help and working together is essential.”