Dr. Eli Osman, MD - The Value of Rapport in Medicine

Background and Experience

Dr. Eli Osman is a Primary Care Physician at the Detroit Medical Center (DMC) and has been practicing for over 9 years. Early in his career, Dr. Osman decided to serve patients in underserved and underprivileged areas. As a traveling physician, he worked tirelessly in these less fortunate communities to help overcome some of healthcare’s greatest challenges. With over 10 hospital and healthcare system affiliations, Dr. Osman provides insight with a unique appreciation and respect for the sacred rapport developed between a provider and his patients.

1.) Please choose 5 from the following healthcare challenges and rate them from most significant to least significant in terms of their relative impact on extending the quantity and quality of life for patients:

Healthcare Technology, Prevention and Patient-Centered Care, Patient Compliance, Patient Access to Healthcare, Health Policy, Burnout, Inadequate Coverage and Reimbursement, Patient Education, Research and Development, Workforce Shortage.

  1. Patient Education

  2. Patient Compliance

  3. Inadequate Coverage and Reimbursement 

  4. Prevention and Patient Centered Care

  5. Patient Access to Healthcare

2.) In 1-2 sentences, please provide insight from your own professional experience regarding your #1 choice above.

“As a physician working in Detroit at DMC over the last 3 years, patient education, patient compliance, including follow-up and treatment, and inadequate healthcare coverage have become the top healthcare challenges in this area. These challenges would not be rated the greatest in an alternate area comprised of patients with a higher education level and greater household income. Healthcare shortages are prevalent no matter the location, but will differ drastically in importance depending on the location.”

3.) What is the single most valuable piece of advice you could offer students pursuing a career in Primary Care or Family Medicine?

“If you’re a student pursuing a career in primary care, you will be the foundation of a patients medical care, and more often than not, the most trusted source for medical care. A rapport built between patient and Primary Care Provider is a strong bond unlike any other relationship in healthcare that can lead to changing a patient’s life for the better.”