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Advice Disclaimer

1. Background and Use


The content, data and information on this website is intended for use solely by healthcare professionals. 


It is the duty of a healthcare professional to always rely on her/his own qualified clinical judgment when determining any given product or procedure to employ when treating patients.

2. No Advice: General Medical Information

2.1 and all of its content, information and published webpages contain general medical information.



InclusionMD Inc does not provide any medical advice and/or medically-related advice, and urges medical professionals to uphold compliance with federal and state laws, certificates, and licensures, as well as ensure that they’re fully trained and prepared prior to use of any medical product in a procedure or surgery. 



All healthcare professionals are required to refer to package inserts, product labels and/or instructions for use before using any product on, as well as specific sterilization and cleaning instructions if applicable. 



The general medical information proposed throughout this website is provided to add presentation and breadth to products offered by InclusionMD, our vendors and manufacturing partners.

3. No Warranty


The general medical information on is published without any warranties or representations, direct or implied.



To maintain the scope of section 3.1, InclusionMD Inc does not consent, represent or warrant that any of the general medical information on our site:

(a) is accurate, reliable, current, true and/or non-misleading; or

(b) will remain readily available or published on our website.

4. Product Availability


Availability of product is subject to market regulation, as well as specific medical practices and specialties, and thus, may or may not be available in all intended markets.



Please contact us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the availability of any InclusionMD products in your area.

5. Limitation of Liability Exclusion


The contents and information within this disclaimer will not: 

(a) limit, exclude or prevent liability for death, injury or malpractice resulting from negligence;  

(b) limit, exclude or prevent liability for fraudulent misrepresentation and/or fraud;   

(c) limit, exclude or prevent any liability that is not authorized or permitted under applicable federal, state and local laws; or,  

(d) limit, exclude or prevent any liability that is not excluded under the applicable federal, state or local law.