Difference Maker

Leadership Development Program

If you’re an undergraduate or graduate student pursuing a health-related career and looking to strengthen your clinical background experience prior to medical, dental, nursing, PA or other professional schools, our Difference Maker Leadership Development Program is just for you.

For each 12–14-week internship block, our program will provide post-secondary participants with a choice to obtain either direct patient and clinical experience, or to work alongside a medical faculty member and assist them in publishing medically-related academic research. As well as gaining research or clinical experience, your internship responsibilities will require you to network with providers, learn about our treatment modalities, become familiar with ongoing and future healthcare challenges, and gain unique insight that will set you apart from other professional school applicants. Furthermore, you will be required to complete a comprehensive assignment at the end of your internship block, and depending on your success and interest in the program, you may be considered for future employment opportunities. Hands-on patient and clinical experience offered through our program includes:

  • Medical Transcription Services

  • Shadowing Opportunities 

  • Patient Specimen Collection

  • Phlebotomy Certification and Job Placement (paid for by InclusionMD)

  • Medical Records, Billing and Denial Recovery Opportunities

  • Medical Assistant Certification and Job Placement (paid for by InclusionMD)

  • Medical Clinic Receptionist

Our summer internship program spans 12 weeks and is a full-time commitment, which demands 30-40 hours per week from students. The summer program begins in May, concludes in August, and provides comprehensive skills and resources to prepare you for your future career in healthcare. Your schedule is broken up strategically to ensure you’re getting the information, skills and medical background experience you need. Our fall and winter programs span across the entire 14-week academic semester, but are more flexible and only require a part-time commitment between 15-20 hours per week. The part-time internship program is structured around each student’s individual academic schedule and courseload to ensure sufficient time is provided for classes, studies and extracurricular activities. We work directly with your pre-health advisor to supplement your course curriculum with the program and provide you with the clinical or research experience throughout the term of your internship block.

We are seeking high-performance students for full- and part-time opportunities in our Difference Maker Leadership Development Program. Your comprehensive assignment will be structured around your academic background and ongoing coursework. Exceptional students with strong leadership and communication skills pursuing a career in a medical or professional field are of primary interest. Successful candidates must meet the following minimum qualifications:

  • 55 college credits with a minimum GPA of 3.50 or higher.

  • 1 year of professional work experience (2+ preferred).

  • Currently pursuing a medically related degree or career.

Please coordinate with your pre-health advisor to determine if this program is appropriate for you. Interested candidates that meet the minimum qualifications, please email a cover letter with your CV and academic transcript to info@inclusionMD.com.