Dr. Reem Hamade, DDS

Academic and Professional Background

Dr. Reem Hamade earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree in 2018 from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry. Prior to professional school, she completed a Bachelor of Science degree from Wayne State University graduating with distinction. Dr. Hamade is a General Dentist certified in Orthodontics and licensed in the State of Michigan.

Thorough in her approach, Dr. Hamade provides each patient ample time and consideration, values being kind and empathetic, and prioritizes comfort as a focal-point of her care. Dr. Hamade is passionate about making people smile and providing a relaxed and enjoyable dental experience. In her time off, Dr. Hamade enjoys spending time with her family, exercising, and traveling.

Dr. Hamade is a lifelong learner and constantly expanding her dental knowledge and skillset. Continuing educational coursework and earning certifications, Dr. Hamade is fluent in orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry, certified in Invisalign and traditional braces and well rounded in other areas as well. Dr. Hamade is also an active member of the dental community serving as a good standing member of the Michigan Dental Association, American Dental Association, and Detroit District Dental Society. She works from two practices: 1.) Smile Clinic of Berkley and 2.) Shaheen Dentistry of Dearborn. 

1.) Please choose 5 from the following healthcare challenges and rate them from most significant to least significant with respect to their relative impact on extending the quantity and quality of life for dental patients: Healthcare Technology, Prevention and Patient-Centered Care, Patient Compliance, Patient Access to Healthcare, Health Policy, Burnout, Inadequate Coverage and Reimbursement, Patient Education, Research and Development, Workforce Shortage.

  1. Inadequate Coverage and Reimbursement

  2. Patient Compliance

  3. Patient Education

  4. Prevention and Patient Centered Care

  5. Patient Access to Healthcare

2.) In 1-2 sentences, please provide insight from your own professional experience regarding your #1 choice above.

“Inadequate coverage and reimbursement has definitely been the biggest impact on how patients decide to go about treatment. A lot of treatment may or may not be covered leading to patient deferring tx due to finances which then leads to hopeless teeth and infections. If patients had coverage on certain necessary treatments like for example root canals, than patients could save their teeth rather than leave them to progressively get worse or have to extract.”

3.) What is the single most valuable piece of advice you could offer students pursuing a career in Dentistry?

For students pursuing a degree in dentistry:

“Always continue to learn, just because you graduated doesn’t mean the school had stopped! Also, Always try to be excellent at everything you do.”